3 in 1 Feeder

The 3 in 1 Natural Feeding feeder

The feeder has 3 compartments, 2 for grain, saltcube or supplements and 1 big compartment for hay.
By feeding the hay in the NF feeder you will save up to 20% of hay. The stable stays more clean wich saves you time cleaning it
The feeder is made of food approved material and has rounded corners, so no sharp edges.
In the hay compartment there is room for approximately 15 kilo of hay

Slow Feeding
The natural position for a horse to eat is with the head down and this for 17 hours a day. As we start putting our horses in stables they are not able to graze and so we give them hay. The most hay feeders we know are high on the wall, all the small dust falls out right into the horse his lungs. By eating heads up the digestion will not work properly which can cause colic.

We learned to give our horses 2 slices of hay once in the morning and once in the evening. The horse will eat it rapidly. Then they have to wait 10 hours before they can eat again. In the time waiting their brain is constantly telling itself to feed.

In the beginning when u use the Natural Feeder, the horse will eat the whole tank, when he does fill it again. Eventually he will give up the fast eating. He will start consuming the hay slowly for 17 hours a day. Now that is naturally slow feeding!