Sascotec Loopband

Sascotec Loopband

This horse treadmill was developed to fit the high level of activity that horses require. In nature, a horse covers an average of 60 kilometres, or 37 miles each day. More and more, responsible horse owners and trainers place greater value on meeting the physical needs of their animal.

Unfortunately, many stables can not offer sufficient roaming space to their horses, as not enough pastures are available, or the risk of injury to the horse on such grounds is too high. To meet this need, Sascotec has developed a treadmill specifically for horses. The treadmill sports a leather covered chest bar as well as a panic button which ensure the safety and comfort of the horse during exercise.

Independently of weather conditions, the treadmill allows your horse to train safely and effectively at all times, yet does not fully replace pastures time.

On the treadmill, the horse moves at a controlled and adjustable speed. This is highly informative from a medical perspective, too. The treadmill can be used by veterinarians, blacksmiths and trainers alike to assess injury during a gait analysis. The horse's movement can be assessed fully through the transparent side panels. Post injury, horses can be slowly and safely rehabilitated using the Sascotec technology.