My Groom Machine

My Groom Machine - Wash all your equipment.

With a drum capacity of 165 litres, My Groom allows you to wash all of your horse’s equipment. Has the ability to wash the largest and dirtiest of rugs. It can also clean and nourish leather, no matter what quality, whatever its condition (mouldy or new) or size. My Groom disinfects removes sweat, grease and hairs, lubricates and promotes flexibility in the leather.

    With water for synthetic equipment:
  • Automatic water control using a timer
  • No negative effects on the rugs
Dry cleaning of leather items with the use of the My Groom wipes

The machine will be delivered to your chosen address on a pallet. There are no particular installation requirements. It only needs access to a 240v electricity supply, and a source to which to attach your hose.